Cold Spring Harbor Huntington Soccer Club

Munchkin and Referee Employment

Munchkin/Kindergarten Program & Referee Program

The Cold Spring Harbor Huntington Soccer Club provides opportunities for our more experienced players with a thorough knowledge of soccer in grades 8 or higher. Players will be supporting our youngest players as they learn the skills and rules of the game. Priority is given to current CSHHSC travel team players as well as to players who have demonstrated their commitment in past seasons.  


The Munchkin Program takes place in the fall and spring on Saturday mornings.  Mini Munchkins takes place in the fall and spring on Sunday mornings from 

Munchkins is for players ages 4-5 and  meets on Saturday mornings at BREEZY PARK FIELD 1

Boys meet 8a-9am and Girls meet 9:05am - 10:05am (trainers arrive by 745am)

Mini Munchkins is for players who are 3 yrs old and meets on Sunday mornings at BREEZY PARK FIELD 3

Girls meet 9a-9:45am and Boys meet 9:55a- 10:40am. (trainers arrive by 845a)

Trainers that need Community Service can use this work to complete this requirement. We ask that all trainers volunteer for one year prior to becoming a paid trainer.  Trainers are expected to be at both sessions (boys and girls) on a particular date.  

Trainers will be sent the practice sessions via e-mail during the week prior to the session and will be expected to have reviewed the drills and be prepared to demonstrate the skills that will be practiced. The trainers will be the leaders of the practice. In addition to soccer proficiency it is important to come with the proper amount of enthusiasm. With Kindergarten aged players this is extremely important. Those trainers that do not exhibit the proper level of enthusiasm will be asked to improve. If they do not improve we will not able to continue to utilize them as trainers. 


The Referee Program takes place during fall and spring seasons. Players ages 5 - 10 play intramural games on Saturday mornings at Lloyd Harbor School. Most intramural games are played between the hours of 8am and 12pm. Referees are paid on a per game basis commensurate with the age division of play. Equipment, training, and support is provided. Referees are given proper equipment and documentation for which they are responsible during the season.  A mandatory pre-season referee training course will be offered prior to the start of the season.  

As referees will serve as authorities both on and off the field, they must be able to work responsibly and maturely with players, coaches, and parents.  A referee should feel comfortable teaching the youngest players basic rules during a game as well as have confidence in his/her 'call' when a play is challenged by a parent or coach.  A referee must also abide by his/her commitment outside of the game by starting on time and abiding by the schedule.  While other activities will prevent a referee from working every weekend, he/she should be able to commit to working a minimum number of games throughout the season.  

If you are interested in serving the club as a referee  or Munchkin trainer during the Fall and Spring season CLICK HERE for application. 

If you have any questions please contact:

Munchkin Program:  

Megan Strout
Assistant Director of Coaching


Referee Program:   

Garret Chelius
Referee Program Coordinator
Board Member