Cold Spring Harbor Huntington Soccer Club

Munchkins and Mini Munchkins

Munchkins and Mini Munchkins

The Munchkins and Mini Munchkins program is administered by our Director of Coaching and Excel Soccer President, Dave McCarthy, along with Excel Soccer training staff. As we have in the past, we also utilize our older travel team players as supervisors for the younger players. These players have developed the skills enabling them to easily demonstrate the activities we are teaching. In addition, the youngsters enjoy working with their older role models. The trainers also benefit from this experience gaining composure, patience, and an understanding of the educational process. Their understanding of the learning curve makes it much easier to teach these skills.

The players will also participate in 1v1 or 4v4 scrimmages each week that focus on utilizing the skills worked on in the education portion of the session.

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Munchkins meets on Saturday mornings at BREEZY PARK FIELD 1 (turf field 1)-

Boys meet 8a-9am and Girls meet 9:05am - 10:05am

Mini Munchkins i meets on Sunday mornings at BREEZY PARK FIELD 3 (grass field)

Girls meet 9a-9:45am and Boys meet 9:55a- 10:40am.

Munchkins and Mini Munchkins uniforms can be purchased at Woodbury Sports on Jericho Tpk. We recommend all soccer players bring a ball and water, and wear cleats or sneakers with shin guards. 

Weekends Dates for the Fall Season: (Saturday Munchkins-Sunday Mini Munchkins)





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