Cold Spring Harbor Huntington Soccer Club

U9-U12 Pooling System

Cold Spring Harbor-Huntington Soccer Club

Under-9 through Under-12 Travel Program

The goal of the Under-9 through Under- 12 program is to provide a solid foundation of soccer instruction in a nurturing club environment while providing an introduction to competitive travel soccer.


Players are selected based on an objective evaluation at tryouts and their performance in the club pre-travel program throughout the year. Players selected to the Under-9 through Under-12 program are placed on teams of similar ability for a seasonal year; which include a fall and spring season.  All players and all teams in the age group will train together twice per week throughout the fall and the spring season. Each team will have a dedicated, professional soccer trainerTeams will train both individually and as a group, all following the same educational curriculum.Players are considered to be part of large, age-group pool, andmay be moved from one group to another to train from week to week based on their rate of development.  Whileplayers are on the roster of a particular team, they may be asked to play with a higher or lower level team on any particular weekend if they have shown signs of rapid development or struggle during training sessions and games. A parent team managewill administer each team and all games will be coached by professional trainers. 


Competitive travel soccer is a two-season sport.